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Miley Cyrus - Sexiest Photos


Miley Cyrus continues to talk. The famous blogger Perez Hilton posted via his Twitter account a controversial photograph of the artist showing her private parts while descending from a car. However, what is that Hilton did not expect her supporters to repudiate the image, which was considered "child pornography" because the young artist is still a minor. Upon learning of the situation Perez Hilton immediately deleted the photo, despite this, the image was published in thousands of sites on the Internet.

Miley Cyrus was very bad because the picture looked her crotch, though. However, let's be honest, she has recently been showing a much sexier side and also saw it in lesbian scenes in some of her videos.

bikinigirls-miley-cyrus-03 bikinigirls-miley-cyrus-04

bikinigirls-miley-cyrus-05 bikinigirls-miley-cyrus-05

bikinigirls-miley-cyrus-06 bikinigirls-miley-cyrus-07